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A Smart Visitors’ Notification System with Automatic Secure Door Lock using Mobile Communication Technology


Marwa Khalid, Sadia Majeed


Vol. 16  No. 4  pp. 97-101


This paper presents the development of an automated security system to automate the entry of visitors, providing more flexibility of managing their record and securing homes or workplaces. Face recognition is part of this system to authenticate the visitors. A cost effective and SMS based door security module has been developed and integrated with the GSM network and made part of this system to allow communication between system and owner. This system functions in real time as when the visitor’s arrived it will detect and recognizes his face and on the result of face recognition process it will open the door for authorized visitors or notifies and allows the owner’s to take further action in case of unauthorized visitor. The proposed system is developed and it is successfully ensuring security, managing records and operating gate without physical interaction of owner.


SMS, E-mail, GSM modem, authenticate, face recognition, authorized.