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A dynamic hybrid CDMA/TDMA scheme in mobile ad-hoc networks based on learning automat


Amirhossein Fathinavid


Vol. 16  No. 4  pp. 72-83


In this paper, we propose a dynamic code assignment in combination with time slot assignment algorithm. In the beginning, the network is divided into multiple clusters, and then a learning automaton is assigned to each cluster head. Moreover, in proposed CDMA scheme, transmit power for communication between nodes is used as a factor for decreasing code spatial reusability. The proposed scheme allows the network to operate in a collision-free manner, and does not need any centralized control. In proposed TDMA scheme, the portion of assigned TDMA frame to each node is according to its traffic load, and performs dynamically. The simulation results indicate that the proposed scheme performs better than the similar methods and other CDMA/TDMA method with power control in terms of performance metrics.


Code Assignment, Slot Assignment, TDMA, CDMA, Glomosim.