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Salience Analysis of NEWS Corpus using Heuristic Approach in Urdu Language


S. Abbas Ali, M. Daniyal Noor, Munir Ahmed Javed, M. Mohsin Aslam, Omer Ahmed Khan, Noor us Sahar Zubair


Vol. 16  No. 4  pp. 28-36


This research presents an innovative step in finding important Entity and Salience in Urdu News corpus by finding Polarity (degree of positivity or negativity) of News for any particular Entity using Heuristic Approach. This research focuses on analyzing the political News Corpus for finding Important Entities, Saliences in the Urdu language and calculating the overall Polarity of the News for each particular Entity.Online Urdu newspapers are used for processing different steps involved in this work. The steps involved in determining salience are Parts Of Speech tagging, Finding important entity, saliences in the corpus, assignment and calculation of Polarities for particular Entity. It is an initial step in Heuristic based Salience Analysis of Urdu News Corpus. The Accuracy achieved by this system is 84.5%.


Natural Language Processing, Salience Analysis, Opinion Mining, Polarity Computation, Sentiment Analysis, Urdu News Processing,