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Enhanced Agent based Scheduling & Monitoring System in Cloud Computing


Sonali Agrawal, Deepak Choubey


Vol. 16  No. 3  pp. 105-113


Scheduling and monitoring is the main challenge in cloud computing paradigm. Various methods have been proposed but they have their own pros and cons. The main challenge is distributive nature of the cloud computing that create the problem to implement the proper scheduling of the service (mainly SaaS) and their efficient monitoring. Various users have access the service of the cloud simultaneously and scheduling monitoring of at the same time is bit challenging. Proposed system has adopted the idea of software agent to gain the high efficiency in the same direction (scheduling and monitoring).This article presents the method for computing number of resources used and the solution for better elasticity and their efficient monitoring of the resources in the cloud which helps to gather analytical statistics of the resources currently held and will be used such a memory, number of instances and CPU. Proposed mechanism has influences from the working of Aneka framework. For evaluation of the proposed work, the components has been used, first the data set which is the web application (jsp) developed for testing in cloud environment. For this a java web application (SaaS) has been developed onto the codenvy. Then deploying SaaS application in the cloud a PaaS service required subscribing, for this Cloudbees PaaS service has been used. Then for monitoring and scheduling with software agent New Relic service has been used to customized the agent functionality to meet the propose systems requirement. The obtained result (Scalability, Availability, Response Time, Average user Satisfaction, Average Utilization Ratio) of the proposed mechanism has been found satisfactory and performs better than existing one.


Agent, Cloudbees, Cloud computing, Codenvy, Monitoring, Public Cloud, Provisioning, New Relic, Scheduling.