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Enabling Data Integrity Check and Corruption Prevention in Thin Cloud Storage


N. Kamaladheepan, A. Marimuthu


Vol. 16  No. 3  pp. 84-87


Cloud Computing has evolved and matured, it gets growing interest in the enterprise market where economic pressures are challenging traditional IT operations. Many IT organizations face inefficiency in areas like funding projects, resource utilization, manual provisioning times, and organizational silos. Cloud Computing is focused on addressing these issues by cutting costs through better standardization, higher utilization, greater agility, and faster responsiveness of IT services . A main concern on Cloud journey is security of the infrastructure and the information stored in the infrastructure. To support these requirements, most organizations emphasis to move from maintaining tied infrastructure to a loosely coupled service oriented model. Data integrity became one critical factor. This paper aims to give solution to protect cloud data by dividing and storing the data in encrypted form. The data integrity is checked by the client and corrupted data is regenerated. This enables high data integrity in cloud storage.


Cloud computing, Data Integrity, Multi-server, Data Corruption, Regeneration