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The multi-objective genetic algorithm based techniques for intrusion detection


Dadmehr Javadi Meraai


Vol. 16  No. 3  pp. 39-46


The Multi Objective Genetic Algorithms (MO- GAs) are one of the most widely used techniques that have the capability to find the solution to the problem having multiple conflicting objectives like Intrusion De- tection. It is a population based technique capable of producing a set of non-inferior solutions that exhibit the classification trade-offs for the user. This capabil- ity of MOGA can be exploited for generating optimal base classifiers and ensembles thereof for Intrusion De- tection. This paper explores the various MOGAs proposed in the literature along with their pros and cons. The motivation for the use of MOGA and its issues are high- lighted. Finally, the chapter highlights the concluding remarks.


Genetic algorithm, Intrusions, Intrusion, Detection, Network Security, Security Threats.