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An Approach to accept input in Text Editor through voice and its Analysis, designing, development and implementation using Speech Recognition


Farhan Ali Surahio, Awais Khan Jumani , Sawan Talpur


Vol. 16  No. 3  pp. 14-20


Speech Recognition is one of the most incredible Technology, and it use to operate commands in computer via voice. Many applications have been using Speech Recognition for different purpose and ‘Text Editor through voice’ is one of them. Traditionally ‘Text Editor through voice is based on experiencing the praxis using ‘Hidden Markov Model’ and application was designed in Visual Basic 6.0 and application was controlled by ‘Speech Recognition’ (Speaker independent) which translates input before finding specific words, phrases and sentences stored in database using Speech Recognition Engine. After finding and matching recognized input from database it puts that in document area of text. This paper presents analysis, designing, development and implementation of same ‘Text Editor through voice’ and approach is based on experiencing the praxis using ‘Hidden Markov Model’ and application is designed in Visual Basic.Net framework. We have added some new phrases and special characters in to existing application and designed extended Language Models and Grammar in Speech Recognition Engine. We illustrate you list of extended phrases, words in tables with figures that are effectively implemented and executed in our developed application.


Markov Model, Neural Network, Language Model & Grammar, Speech Recognition Engine, Dynamic Time Warping and Graphical User Interface (GUI).