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An Efficient Multicast Wormhole Algorithm for Balancing Traffic in 2D Torus Multicomputers


Kadry Hamed, Mohamed A. El-Sayed


Vol. 16  No. 2  pp. 105-111


A multicast communication is a significant operation in multicomputers and can be used to support several other collective communication operations. 2D torus network has become increasingly important to multicomputer system design because of its many features. This paper presents an efficient multicast wormhole deadlock-free algorithm that Balance Traffic Load on 2D torus network hence the name BTL algorithm. BTL algorithm handles multicast operation with a fixed number of message-passing steps irrespective of the network size. Also, it is designed such that can send messages to any number of destinations within two communication phases. Results from extensive comparative analysis reveal that BTL algorithm exhibit superior performance advantages over the well-known T2W algorithm.


2D torus topology Deadlock-Free Multicast communication Multicomputer Wormhole routing