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Design and Implementation of Co-Ordinated Multi-Purpose Robotic System


P.Dhaneef Kumar, T.Saravanan


Vol. 16  No. 2  pp. 93-97


The wireless communication technologies are rapidly spreading too many new areas, including the automation and the importance of the use of wireless technologies in the data acquisition, building control, monitoring systems and automation of manufacturing processes will grow. Intelligent modern robots and cooperative multi- agent robotic systems can be very efficient tools to speed up search and research operations in remote areas. Robots are also useful to do jobs in areas and in situations that are hazardous for human. The main aim is to build a robot communication to detect Live human beings, who need help and the robot can controlled by PC through Zigbee protocol. The detected information can pass through Zigbee to server point and also give one siren/buzzer. To detect the Live humans, those who are affected by natural disasters like Earth quakes and need help can be identified by using this ‘CO-ORDINATED MULTI AXIS ROBOT’ which can also serves as a Fire Identification ROBOT.


Robot, Zigbee, Micro Controller, Sensor, Serial Communication