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Comparative Study of Dictionary based Compression Algorithms on Text Data


Amit Jain, Kamaljit I. Lakhtaria


Vol. 16  No. 2  pp. 88-92


With increasing amount of text data being stored rapidly, efficient information retrieval and Storage in the compressed domain has become a major concern. Compression is the process of coding that will effectively reduce the total number of bits needed to represent certain information. Data compression has been one of the critical enabling technologies for the ongoing digital multimedia revolution. There are lots of data compression algorithms which are available to compress files of different formats. This paper presents survey on several dictionary based lossless data compression algorithms and compares their performance based on compression ratio and time ratio on Encoding and decoding. A set of selected algorithms are examined and implemented to evaluate the performance in compressing benchmark text files. An experimental comparison of a number of different dictionary based lossless data compression algorithms is presented in this paper. This paper concluded by stating which algorithm performs well for text data. The paper is concluded by the decision showing which algorithm performs best over text data.


LZW, Dictionary Encoding, Compression Ratio, Compression time.