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Efficient Window Approach of FIR Filter Design (MSK2)


Qeethara Al-Shayea, Muzhir Al-Ani


Vol. 16  No. 2  pp. 63-68


There are several windows used to truncate the impulse response in order to fix filter size. Kaiser and Tukey windows are the most important types from which we can generate other types of windows depending on the variation of ripple parameter. The proposed new window approach is called MSK2 that was implemented to compare its parameters with these two main windows. The characteristics of MSK2 are tested for the 100 window size. The proposed new window is generated via mixing Kaiser and Tukey windows. After implementing the filter with the proposed new window it is obvious that the performance is good and stable.


Adaptive Filter Design, Kaiser Window, Tukey Window, FIR and MSK?2.