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An Implementation of Adaptive Multipath Routing Algorithm for congestion control


N.Krishna Chaitanya, S.Varadarajan


Vol. 16  No. 2  pp. 6-9


This paper proposes a better adaptive multi path routing technique for routing the data packets effectively from source to destination under congestion at a router. In traditional adaptive multi path routing techniques, if congestion occurred at a router then the route is changed from source to destination. In a single path routing algorithm, all the data packets transmitted through a single path, where the time taken to transmit the packets is more. This drawback is eliminated by using multi path routing technique, where the packets are transmitted through different paths. The proposed method provides a better solution for minimizing the congestion by rerouting the data packets over other paths, which are not utilized by the same in multi-path routing. This method avoids the unnecessary dropping of packets at a congested router and improves the network performance.


Congestion, multi-path routing, Packets, router