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A technical solution for resource allocation in heterogeneous distributed platforms


Ha Huy Cuong Nguyen and Van Son Le


Vol. 16  No. 1  pp. 123-129


An allocation of resources to a virtual machine specifies the maximum amount of each individual element of each resource type that will be utilized, as well as the aggregate amount of each resource of each type. An allocation is thus represented by two vectors, a maximum elementary allocation vector and an aggregate allocation vector. There are more general types of resource allocation problems than those we consider here. In this paper, we present an approach for improving the deadlock detection algorithm, to schedule the policies of resource supply for resource allocation on heterogeneous. The deadlock detection algorithm has a run time complexity of O (min (m, n)), where m is the number of resources and n is the number of processes. We propose the algorithm for allocating multiple resources to competing services running in virtual machines on a heterogeneous distributed platform. The experiments also compare the performance of the proposed approach with other related work.


Cloud Computing. Resource Allocation. Heterogeneous Distributed Platforms. Deadlock Detection