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An Effective Efficient Reliable one Hop Broadcast in Mobile Adhoc Networks


Shinde Manisha K, V.R.Chirchi


Vol. 16  No. 1  pp. 86-92


Among Many fundamental communication primitives in mobile ad hoc networks, 1-hop broadcast plays an significant role in which a message from the source node is delivered to all nodes within the source node’s transmission range. Although the importance of it, 1-hop broadcast is not easy to accomplish due to collisions in wireless networks known as Hidden Terminal problem. This paper presents a MAC protocol that guarantees 1-hop broadcast with efficiency by allowing as many simultaneous executions of the communication as possible without collisions. The proposed algorithm utilizes control packets that prevent data packet collisions, and at the same time, make the simultaneous communications possible to improve the network throughput.


one hop broadcast, hidden terminal , manet,MAC protocol ,throughput ,packet ,efficient ,reliable broadcast ,node.