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An Approach to Counteracting the Common Cyber-attacks According to the Metric-Based Model


Mohammad Sirwan Geramiparvar, Nasser Modiri


Vol. 16  No. 1  pp. 81-85


Nowadays the words such as cyber and electronic attacks are heard of more than any other ones. They refer to the attacks which can ruin the structure and foundation of a company, organization, or even a ministry and cause irreparable damages. Analyzing these intrusions, we ascertain that every cyber-attack benefits from four general weaknesses: innate and structural weakness, configurations, design and implementation, and human-made errors. Concentrating on the relevant weaknesses and overcoming them, we can achieve a secure and stable system. Studying and analyzing common attacks such as XSS and SQL Injection and using metric-based model, this research, therefore, aims to focus on the weaknesses and to present approaches to overcoming the weaknesses and counteracting these attacks.


Metric-Based Model, Cyber-attacks, General Weaknesses, Countermeasures, XSS, SQL Injection