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Automation the process of unifying the change in the firewall performance


Kirandeep kaur, Dhawaleswar Rao


Vol. 16  No. 1  pp. 77-80


The rapid growth of internet leads to increase in the number of attacks resulting in malicious data to enter in the system. Firewall is introduced so as to resist from the attacks. Anomalies are being generated as rules that are defined may result in conflicts. For that reason an effective anomaly detection and resolution approach is needed and after resolving conflicts, the rules can be reordered dynamically that improve the efficiency of anomaly management framework. Firewall log analysis has been done and then from that analysis primitive rules are defined. They planned the safety policy found on the rules described by the network administrator that decided which packet can be passed to an organizations private network. In addition, analyze the content of the logged data to detect the irrelevant behavior. The logs showing irrelevant behavior are blocked with the access so as to add more security to the network.


Policy anomaly, Firewall, Firewall log analysis, Internet, Attacks