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Identification Security at Unauthorized Use of Information System


Navpreet Kaur and Dhawaleswar Rao,


Vol. 16  No. 1  pp. 72-76


Security is the primary requirement in this era of informationization. Threats and worms are rising with a high degree and penetrating into the system, there is a need of such a security system that should analyze and provide valuable information to the organization. Honeypot provides a technology that adds a layer to the network security and the goal of honeypot is to distract the attacker from real systems and to gain valuable information about them. In comparison to other intrusion detection technologies, Honeypot is far better because it has the ability to detect new attacks and improve the security of the network by using the existing intelligence of the security technologies. Honeypot is designed to get compromised with the new threats and welcome the attackers to attack and analyze their behavior. So, Honeypot is an attractive alternative as it acts as trap to detect the suspicious that breaches the network security.


Network Security, Honeypots, Firewall, Intrusion analysis, Attacks.