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An Approach for Arabic Root Generating and Lexicon Development


Mohamed Osman Hegazi


Vol. 16  No. 1  pp. 9-15


This paper presents a novel approach for Arabic root generation and lexicon development. The approach provides three algorithms, in the first algorithm Arabic word root is generated using the concept of permutation and combination, the root generator algorithm generates roots by applying permutations to the Arabic alphabetic letters. Then, the second algorithm is used for developing difference words from that root using Arabic morphology template, the morphology developing algorithm develops the Arabic word by formulating the roots according to the Arabic template. Finally, lexicon is constructed by providing meaning and other information. The paper provides a contribution to the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), and hence it provides a novel Arabic NLP approach that might be used in different ways in generating Arabic roots and developing Arabic lexicons. The approach presented in this paper can be used as a basis for processing, understanding and electronically using of Arabic language, because it provides a way for covering most of Arabic language components. The results show that this approach provides up to 21,924 different Arabic roots with their morphological information.


Arabic Language, Stemming Algorithm, Arabic Lexicon, Arabic Root, Arabic Word, Morphology, Natural Language Processing (NLP).