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Horizontal Rain attenuation prediction models for the Ka band terrestrial wireless communication channel in the archipelago areas


Rie Saotome, Tomoki Miyazato and Shiro Tamaki


Vol. 16  No. 1  pp. 1-8


Three new horizontal rain attenuation prediction models for terrestrial Ka band wireless communication channel in archipelago area are proposed. One strong candidate to the island area’s wireless communication infrastructure is to use the combination of easy sub-millimeter wave band radio communications of high bandwidth called Ka band satellite communication in vertical direction and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) in horizontal direction. However, the Ka frequency band is easily attenuated by rain so called Rain Attenuation, because the wavelength is comparable with rain drop size. Then when the proposed FWA connection between islands with Ka band is utilized, system design has to take Rain Attenuation into account. In this paper, we have proposed new Horizontal Rain Attenuation (HRA) model between islands. The proposed new HRA models are based on Auto-Regressive eXogeneous (ARX) model, AutoRegressive Moving Average eXogenous (ARMAX) model, and Multi-Step-Ahead Prediction (MSAP) model. When those models are utilized at Okinawa prefecture (most south west island area of Japan), ARX and ARMAX models can predict one sampling point (sampling period = 1 minute) ahead, and MSAP model can predict at least 10 sampling points ahead.


Rain attenuation prediction, Ka band, Time series analysis, FWA