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Improved Persuasive Cued Click Points for Knowledge-Based Authentication


M.Ashwini and K.C.Sreedhar


Vol. 15  No. 11  pp. 95-100


Authentication plays a major role in digital environment .In this environment we have different methods which generally use alphanumeric characters and special characters for password creation. These methods have problems like hard to remember password because it has no meaning and easily breakable by third parties or attackers. To address these issues, some of the researches suggested many techniques for authentication and reveals graphical password method which is best one in terms of cost and usage. Basically, graphical passwords use images for password creation and it has some demerits like hotspot and shoulder surfing problem.A persuasive cued click-point based method was proposed by Sonia Chiasson which reduces hotspot problem but it fails in the case of shoulder surfing problem. To address these issues, the proposed work enhances the persuasive cued click point based method with some changes in the login phase and it uses double click point method for selecting click login phase, a single click method takes empty values whenever a user uses a single click for selecting the click point. Where as in the case of double click method, it takes click point actual value. With these two types of clicks an attacker peeping over the shoulders of the authorized user can be confused with the clicks, has he will not aware of the exact click points in the password. This reduces the shoulder surfing problem.


Authentication, Graphical passwords, Hotspot, Shoulder surfing.