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Sharing of PHR’s in Cloud Computing


Dussa Manasa K.Rajesh Khanna


Vol. 15  No. 11  pp. 86-90


Personal health records (PHRs) grant patients access to a wide range of health information sources, best medical practices and health knowledge. In patient centric secure sharing, patients will create, manage and control their personal health data from one place using the web. Prior to storing the records in cloud server, they are encrypted using encryption algorithm which ensures the patient’s full control over their PHR. Patients only decide which set of users can access which set of files. In Attribute-Based Encryption the decryption of a cipher text is possible only if the set of attributes of the user key matches the attributes of the cipher text. A crucial security feature of Attribute-Based Encryption is collusion-resistance: An adversary that holds multiple keys should only be able to access data if at least one individual key grants access.


Attribute-based access control, Auxiliary attribute authorities, Electronic health records, Role-based access control, Security domains.