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Dynamic Traffic Management Services To Provide High Performance In IntelRate Controller Using Fuzzy Logic


M.Vasuki, N.Balkis, V.Jayalakshmi


Vol. 15  No. 11  pp. 67-75


Traffic is the chief puzzle problem in which every country faces to elaborate sending a number of packets throughout the world. This paper proposes a new speculation for distributed traffic management by availing the presumption of fuzzy logic. The routers are established by using an IntelRate Controllers to manage the traffic congestion in the networks dynamically. Fuzzy logic is used to previse the maximum allowable sending rate by observing the queue size of router. The network traffic control protocol is unique to estimate the network parameter which involves link latency, bottleneck bandwidth or packet loss rate in order to compute the allowed source sending rate. The fuzzy logic based controller can measure queue size directly, it neglects various potential performance issues arising due to parameter estimation as reduce consumption of computation and memory resource in router. A network parameter, the queue size can be viewed accurately and if action should be taken to regulate the source sending rate and it increases the resilience of the network to traffic congestion. Using the fuzzy logic technique, QoS (Quality of Service) can achieve better performance than the existing protocol that depends on the estimation of network parameter, to make the network more adaptive for current traffic conditions.


congestion control, fuzzy logic control, QoS (Quality of Service), max-min fairness, robustness, traffic management.