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Feedback Collision Detection by Multiuser Diversity in Wireless Network Using Recurrent Cluster Rifting (RCR) Algorithm


C.Chitra S.Venkateswaran K.M.Fathima Jahanas


Vol. 15  No. 11  pp. 34-38


An ultimate goal in wireless network is to detect the feedback collision occurred in the multiuser environment. Though it is difficult to detect the feedback collision, we proposed an algorithm called Recurrent Cluster Rifting (RCR).In this we fix a threshold value (constant value) based on the number of users in the multiuser environment. This value is otherwise known as feedback threshold. If nouser in the multiuser environment send the feedback, there will be some adjustment in the threshold value(i.e.)this algorithm will lower the value. Therefore if there is any feedback collision occurs in the multiuser environment there will be no change in this value but this algorithm will rift the users recurrently to detect the collision and find the certified user involved in this collision.After detecting the collision we use two schemes namely Bandwidth Efficient Scheme(BES) and Switching Efficient Scheme (SES) to avoid the collision occurred during retransmission of data with lower bandwidth in this environment.


Feedback collision, multiuser environment, Recurrent cluster rifting, TDMA.