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Putting SDSS into Practical Use: A Creativity Support System to Enable a State of “Mental Alertness”


Motoichi Adachi Takayuki Fujimoto


Vol. 15  No. 11  pp. 1-9


Many people seem to feel sluggish in a fed state and feel mentally alert in a fasting state. However, despite these phenomena having not been proven with scientific evidence yet, many people would empathize with such state of mind. In this paper, based on prior research that shows that Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is secreted in a fasting state to improve brain function, this research reveals the relevance between a fasting state and a state of being alert. We have devised and developed a smartphone application software to control a state of being alert intentionally by applying this mechanism.This system enables the user to enter an alert state consciously by maintaining a fasting a little state. Therefore, this system can have an effect on both the diet dietary control, and work efficiency by purposely creating an alert state. Based on our hypothesis, which states that by managing meal intake size and meal time, we can control a state of being alert intentionally, we have devised SDSS (Smart Diet Support System). We have also conducted a study to check the validity of our hypothesis and the proposed system.


Criativity Support System, Smartphone Apps, Information Design, Cognitive Sciene