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Texture Features based on Medical Image Retrival using 2-Level Dwt and Harris Detctor


Sravani, D. Hari Krishna , M.C.Chinnaiah


Vol. 15  No. 9  pp. 74-77


Content based image retrieval using 2-level discrete wavelet transform (DWT) has been proposed, to retrieve the medical images from the database according to their similarity to the Query image. This permits radiologists to retrieve images of same features that leads to similar diagnosis as the input image. This is different from other fields of Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) where the same category images will match a part of an image. We cannot apply such techniques to medical images. In this paper we follow two steps. Firstly, we calculate the 2-level DWT of all images in database. Secondly, to calculate the energy and then Euclidean distance between query and database images to perfectly match the query image with database images for proper diagnosis.


Retrieving Images, CBIR (Content Based Image Retrieval) system, distance and energy