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Face Recognition under Expressions and Lighting Variations using Artificial Intelligence and Image Synthesizing


C. JayaMohan, M. Saravana Deepak, M.L. Alphin Ezhil Manuel, D.C Joy Winnie Wise


Vol. 15  No. 9  pp. 59-63


In this paper, we propose an integrated face recognition system that is robust against facial expressions by combining information from the computed intra-person optical flow and the synthesized face image in a probabilistic framework. Making recognition more reliable under uncontrolled lighting conditions is one of the most important challenges for practical face recognition systems. We tackle this by combining the strengths of robust illumination normalization. Our experimental results show that the proposed system improves the accuracy of face recognition from expressional face images and lighting variations.


Face recognition, constrained optical flow, Artificial Intelligence, synthesized image, masked synthesized image.