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General Framework on Mining Web Graphs for Recommendations


K.Stephey Chrysolite, B.Krishna Sagar


Vol. 15  No. 9  pp. 54-58


As the exponential explosion of various contents generated on the Web, Recommendation techniques have become increasingly indispensable. Innumerable different kinds of recommendations are made on the web every day, including movies, music, books, images, books recommendations, query suggestions, tags recommendations, etc. No matter what types of data sources are used for the recommendations, essentially these data sources can be modelled in the form of various types of graphs. In this paper, aiming at providing a general framework on mining Web graphs for recommendations, we first propose a novel diffusion method which propagates similarities between different nodes and generates recommendations then we illustrate how to generalize different recommendation problems into our graph diffusion framework. The proposed framework can be utilized in many recommendation tasks on the World Wide Web, including query suggestions, tag recommendations, expert finding, image recommendations, image annotations, etc.


Recommendation, Diffusion, Query Suggestion, Image Recommendation