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A Novel Pragmatic RRW Framework to Resist on Unintentional Attacks


K.Sudhakar, P.Anitha


Vol. 15  No. 8  pp. 77-79


Robust reversible watermarking (RVW) is used to protect the copyright and providing robustness against unintentional attacks. In the past histogram rotation-based method suffers from extremely poor invisibility for watermarked images and limited robustness in extracting watermarks from the watermarked images destroyed by different unintentional attacks. In this paper proposed wavelet-domain statistical quantity histogram shifting and clustering (WSQH-SC) method and enhanced pixel-wise masking (EPWM). This method embedded a new watermark image and extraction procedures by histogram shifting and clustering, which are important for improving robustness and reducing run-time complexity. It is possible reversibility and invisibility. The experimental result shows that the comprehensive performance in terms of reversibility, robustness, invisibility, capacity and run-time complexity and widely applicable to different kinds of images.


Integer wavelet transform, k-means clustering, masking, robust reversible watermarking (RRW).