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Computational Grid System Load Balancing Using an Efficient Scheduling Technique


Prakash Kumar Pradeep Kumar Vikas Kumar


Vol. 15  No. 8  pp. 72-76


Grid computing is the collection of computer resources from various locations to achieve a common goal. Grid computing is a type of parallel system which enables the dynamically selection, aggregation and distribution of geologically resources at run time depending on their user quality of self service requirement, availability, performance, cost, capability. Load balancing is very effective technique to reduce response time and to improve resources utilization, exploiting through proper distribution of the application. Assuming homogeneous set of nodes linked with homogeneous and fast networks, various load balancing algorithms were developed. Analyzing the past results and to improve the performance and throughput, proposed efficient algorithms with better scheduling policies.


Grid computing, Load balancing, Scheduling, Cluster, Throughput, Conservative Backfilling algorithm, GAP Search