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Lossless Image Compression Using Fast Arithmetic Operation


P.Sreenivasulu, K.Anitha sheela


Vol. 15  No. 8  pp. 55-58


In this paper we are presenting a lossless image compression coder and decoder based on fast arithmetic operations. In the proposed method, we are making use of only simple adder and subtractor in order to reduce the value of the pixel in a very simple manner such that it takes very less amount of run time memory and the time required to encode and decode the given image is very much less. In this proposed method, decompressed image is exactly equal to that of the original image hence it is purely lossless method. Performance of this method is also compared with arithmetic operation based predictive lossless image compression based on time to compress and decompress and compression ratio as quantitative parameters. Since this is taking less time to encode and decode this is much suitable for real time implementation of image codec.


Image compression, encoder, decoder and arithmetic operation.