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New Era of Mobile Access Control System


Gean Davis Breda, Raul Mariano Cardoso, Felipe Andr? Cordeiro Pirotta


Vol. 15  No. 8  pp. 6-15


In the last century, due to the constant evolution of technologies, telecommunications networks have become increasingly robust, being able to support multiple services. Smartphones are increasingly incorporating these features and have become indispensable devices in our daily lives. This project is about the development of an autonomous access control system based on the use of smartphones as digital access keys. To do this we will follow the proposed methodology by the IoT-A (Internet of Things Architecture) to obtain an architecture of reference. The system consists of three main components: Web, Embedded and Mobile Application. This system allows the monitoring and remote control of actuators (Embedded Applications), for the opening and closing of doors or electronic gates through a mobile application, in a social manner and integrated with other services in the web (Web Application). The objective is to have a distributed system of embedded devices that connect to a centralized application in the cloud


Smartphones, Mobile, Network Communications, Internet of Things, Mobile Access Control System, Bluetooth, NFC (Near Field Communication).