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Testing Concrete and Mortar Interference in Throughput Levels of Urban Indoor Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 Networks


Everton Dias de Oliveira, Fabiana da Silva Podeleski, Argemiro Bevilacqua, Lia Toledo Moreira Mota, Alexandre de Assis Mota, Claudia Cotrim Pezzuto, Lia Lorena Pimentel


Vol. 15  No. 8  pp. 1-5


This paper describes a procedure that can be used to test IEEE 802.11 wireless network throughput performance, under most common typologies of concrete and mortar, present in indoor urban environments. Inside buildings, due to the usage of different elements in construction, the walls, ceilings and floors are able to cause interferences and data flow degeneration on IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi indoor data transmission. Results are presented, from tests carried out using a notebook and a reduced hardware smartphone as network clients with 16 obstacles derived from four distinct typologies of concrete and mortar.


Wireless Networks, IEEE 802.11, Quality of Service, Data Throughput, Typologies of Concrete and Mortar.