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Securing Cipher Information Using Edge Based Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching


Shanmugam.E, T.K.Thivakaran


Vol. 15  No. 7  pp. 80-84


Securing the information from other persons is always difficult one when you are connected in an open network. In order to send some confidential information you must protect it from the attackers. Cryptography and Steganography plays vital role in securing information from others. Cryptography is the art of secret writing and Steganography is the art of hiding information. When combining these two mechanisms the advantages on security will increase. Hence the proposed method will encrypt the data with crypto module using Blowfish algorithm and then embed the encrypted data into the cover image with stego module using Edge based Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching (EAPPM) method. With the proposed method in this paper a double layered security for the confidentiality of the information hidden in the stego file is ensured. i.e., even though the attackers able to retrieve the hidden information from the stego file they will get only the encrypted message, which needs more time to crack the encryption scheme. The experimental results show the proposed EAPPM method is hiding the information in fair manner compared against normal Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching (APPM) method.


Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching (APPM), Blowfish, Edge based Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching (EAPPM).