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Data Gathering in Multiple Mobile Sink environment for WSN


Reshma C. Sonawane, ME-IT Vijay S. Bidve


Vol. 15  No. 7  pp. 56-60


Sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks are provided with limited battery power so power conservation is one of the most important issues in WSN. An energy efficient approach can be achieved for data gathering by distributing energy consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) by employing sink mobility. Existing data gathering schemes require the sink to periodically update its location to the network to ensure multi-hop connectivity as well as to specify the sinks trajectory in advance which makes it unsuitable for applications consisting of changing field situations such as precision agriculture. The purposed scheme combines approach of Sinktrail with aggregation. Gathering of data is done using Sinktrail i.e., proactive data reporting protocol which is passed further for data aggregation, that is base on slicing and mixing technique, which results into low power consumption for data reporting. Thus proposed work based on a combination of both Sinktrail and aggregation to improve the energy efficiency of data gathering.


Data Aggregation, Data Gathering, Logical Coordinates, Mobile Sink, Multihop Routing, Sensor Nodes, Wireless Sensor Networks.