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Secret Message Integrity of Audio Steganography Using Bi-LSB Embedding


Mahmood Maher Salih, Mudhafar Al-Jarrah


Vol. 15  No. 7  pp. 20-26


The main issue for the majority of internet users is the information security. To ensure having secured use of internet, several steganography methods have been proposed. Those methods are mainly utilized to solve the security problems using two main processes, embedding and extracting. However, the current steganography methods, cannot verify the presence of attacks in secret messages. Therefore, this work introduces the development of an advanced Least Significant Bit (LSB) technique, Bi-LSB to solve the low security and capacity problems of the traditionally used LSB techniques. The performance of the developed Bi-LSB technique is evaluated based on adding an Additive White Gaussian noise (AWGN) noise to the stego file before extracting the embedded messages and comparing the extracted messages with the original ones using three techniques, checksum, hash function and frequency methods. Results demonstrated that both the PSNR values and correlation percentage for the three integrity methods are decreased after adding the AWGN attack.


Steganography, Least Significant Bit (LSB), Bi Least Significant Bit (Bi-LSB), embedding, extractin, integrity, checksum, hash function, frequency