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Mining Elucidate Objects and Analysis of Relationships on Wikipedia by using a GFBP Method


Venkata Vinay Kumar C, M.A. Ranjit Kumar, Sai Satyanarayana Reddy


Vol. 15  No. 6  pp. 96-107


Evaluating the exact and correct relationships between sets of objects in the Wikipedia is the popular method in order to explain the strong and high relationships between objects. The relationships between two pairs of objects in Wikipedia are exists in two types. They are implicit relationship and another one is explicit relationship. The Implicit relationship in Wikipedia is denoted by a link structure comprising of two pages and an explicit relationship denoted by one link between pair of pages for the objects. Mining Elucidate objects is the popular way to know correct relationship between objects. The Elucidate objects are the main objects which constructs a strong relationship between pair of objects in Wikipedia. The previous methods including cohesion methods are insufficient in evaluate the two relationships because they make use only one or two of the features of the main three features: Path, link and reference. We propose a novel method using a generalized maximum flow pipe method which replicates all the three features. We confirm by experiments that this method can evaluate the strength of a relationship between objects more efficiently and Mine the Elucidate objects than the previous methods. Mining elucidate objects is the new way to understand a strong and high relationship between objects in Wikipedia.


Elucidate objects, Relationship analysis, Link structure, Generalized flow pipe, Wiki mining