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Using Unitary Matrices in High-speed Video Encryption


Hala B. Abdul Wahab, May A. Salih


Vol. 15  No. 6  pp. 92-95


Encryption computational complexity and encryption speed are two important aspects of video encryption algorithms. Due to its increasingly large size, video images present a great challenge to currently available cryptographic algorithms, the processes of encryption and decryption of video images are so computationally intensive that they introduce delays beyond acceptable real-time application limits. [1] In this paper we introduce unitary matrices as both encryption keys and the control stream to verify which key will be used for each block. Showing how it is more efficient than the traditional Gauss Jordan elimination from time perspective especially for applications that are time dependent. The study case showed in this paper works on GF (p) and for encryption key sizes varying from 3X3 to 12X12 .The goal is to provide a highly secure encryption algorithm with a wide space for encryption speed.


High-speed, video encryption, video-on-demand, unitary matrices, Gauss Jordan