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Improving Data Integrity for Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing


Poonam M. Pardeshi, Deepali R. Borade


Vol. 15  No. 6  pp. 75-82


Cloud computing has become a trend. With the provision of innumerable benefits, cloud has become an emerging standard that brings about various technologies and computing ideas for internet. Massive storage centers are provided by the cloud which can be accessed easily from any corner of the world and at any time. The on-demand service provision with utilization of fewer resources of client system benefits the client. However, data outsourcing paradigm in cloud is one of the biggest security concerns. Frequent integrity checking is needed to keep an eye on data. The proposed scheme makes use of Merkle Hash Tree (MHT) and AES algorithm to maintain data integrity at the untrusted server. In most of the previously proposed schemes, RSA algorithm was used for storage security. AES being faster in encryption-decryption and the buffer-space requirement being less as compared to RSA, we try to improve the performance by making use of AES algorithm. The cloud must not impose on user the responsibility to verify his/ her stored data. Taking this into consideration and relieve client form the overhead of data integrity verification, we introduce an entity called the Third Party Auditor (TPA), which acts on behalf of client for data integrity checking and send an alert to notify the status of the stored data. The proposed storage security scheme also assures recovery of data, in case of data loss or corruption, by providing a recovery system. Thus the proposed scheme aims at keeping the user data integrated and support data restore. The system also reduces the server computation time when compared with previous systems.


Advanced Encryption Standard, Cloud Computing, Merkle Hash Tree, Public Auditability, Recovery System, Third Party Auditor.