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Prognostic Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Utilizing Fuzzy Classifier


Okpor M. D.


Vol. 15  No. 6  pp. 44-48


Gestational Diabetes occurs during gestation period or pregnancy. Gestational diabetes might be the result of the normal hormonal changes a pregnant woman's body experiences. During pregnancy, the placenta produces hormones that interfere with the actions of the hormone insulin. In a normal pregnancy, the woman's pancreas, the gland that produces insulin, can compensate for this by making additional insulin during pregnancy. However, if the pancreas cannot keep up with the body's demand for more insulin, gestational diabetes may develop. It is also a high-risk factor for the development of type II diabetes if not manage promptly. The symptoms of gestational diabetes includes, weight gain, excessive thirst, increased urination, vaginal infections,blurred vision,high blood pressure,weight Loss,fatigue,nausea,vomiting, general body weakness, vaginal discharge, loss of appetite, increased appetite, visual disturbance, visual impairment and skin redness. In this paper, the traditional procedure of the medical diagnosis of gestational diabetes employed by physicians is expressed using Fuzzy classifier. The proposed expert system eliminates uncertainty and imprecision associated with the diagnosis of gestational diabetes.


Diagnosis, fuzzy classifier, fuzzy logic, fuzzy set, Gestational diabetes