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Analysis Of Acoustic of “OM” Chant To Study It’s Effect on Nervous System


Ajay Anil Gurjar, Siddharth A. Ladhake, Ajay P. Thakare


Vol. 9  No. 1  pp. 363-367


OM does not have a translation. Therefore, the Hindus consider it as the very name of the Absolute, it is body of sound. In the scriptures of ancient India, the OM is considered as the most powerful of all the mantras. The others are considered aspects of the OM, and the OM is the matrix of all other mantras. It has been recognized that the Mantras have beneficial effects on human beings and even plants. The syllable OM is quite familiar to a Hindu. It occurs in every prayer. Invocation to most gods begins with this syllable. OM is also pronounced as AUM. The syllable OM is not specific to Indian culture. It has religious significance in other religions also. Although OM is not given any specific definition and is considered to be a cosmic sound, a primordial sound, the totality of all sounds etc. The entire psychological pressure and worldly thoughts are removed by chanting OM Mantra .To systematically understand the sound ‘OM’ and its effect on nervous system is the endeavor of this research work. With proposed algorithm analysis has been carried out for the divine sound OM. By this analysis we could conclude OM is therefore serves as a brain stabilizer, which is also an energy medicine for human being under stress.


OM Mantra, Pitch, Frequency Modulation, Nervous system, Energy Medicine