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Driver Fatigue Detection Using Mouth and Yawning Analysis


Mandalapu Saradadevi, Preeti Bajaj


Vol. 8  No. 6  pp. 183-188


Driver fatigue is an important factor in large number of accidents. There has been much work done in driver fatigue detection. This paper presents driver fatigue detection based on tracking the mouth and to study on monitoring and recognizing yawning. The authors proposed a method to locate and track driver’s mouth using cascade of classifiers proposed by Viola-Jones for faces. SVM is used to train the mouth and yawning images. During the fatigue detection mouth is detected from face images using cascade of classifiers. Then, SVM is used to classify the mouth and to detect yawning then alert Fatigue.


Driver fatigue, Fatigue detection, Driver monitoring system, Yawning, Support Vector Machine (SVM)